Just By Creating Hot-Selling
PLR Products...

Hi there,

I'm Peggy Baron and I'm an Internet Marketing addict.

Like it might be with you, I first jumped onto the Internet lured by promises of quick and easy money.  I fell for those salespages so cleverly crafted that I could see myself lounging poolside with an exotic umbrella drink in hand. 
I could also see myself 15 pounds lighter in a flattering bikini holding that drink...

And you know what? Neither one happened! :(

So let me hit the FAST Forward button -

     I fumbled around the Internet, lost for quite a while,  
     learned just enough IM stuff to be dangerous,
     wasted a lot of time and money,
     felt dejected and a miserable failure
     continued to run after more shiny objects,
     figured out I was a decent writer,
     wanted to capitalize on the first law of marketing - supply and demand...


 Nah. I'd honestly rather be my own boss.
PLR writer?  YES!  Be my own boss?  YES!  Make passive income?  YES!

I started my own PLR business in the beginning of 2008 and... I'd be lying if I said I knew what I was doing and it was an immediate success.  Oh, it is now, but it took time, hard work, and learning from my mistakes - LOTS of them.

  • Are you struggling online and have yet to find something that will make you money?  Not caviar dreams money but a solid, day in and day out passive income earner?

  • Do you want something you can start on the side, low risk, as a part time income that you can work into a full time income?  Or just as an additional stream of income?

  • Are you sick and tired of chasing shiny objects and want a business model that's not based on blackhat shenanigans or some Google loophole that gets closed the minute you buy into it?


Get Your Own PLR Business Up and Running With
These Insider Tips and Insights!

Think opening a PLR store might be right for you?  Great!  There's room enough for
all of us.  Marketers will ALWAYS need content and it will give you that warm fuzzy feeling (as well as cash in your pocket) knowing you're helping them fulfill their dreams of success while realizing your own.

The good news here is writing PLR is a whitehat, non-loophole-ish, tried and true business model for anyone with modest writing skills.  The Become A PLR Writer ebook is my way of showing you how, minus my mistakes, to get this business going. 

Think of it as a strategic shortcut with big tips!

With Become A PLR Writer You Will Discover...

 What the life of a PLR writer is like. Could this be you? 

 The best ways to find out what your customers want to spend money on.
 What you absolutely need to do to get started, and what can wait til later.

 How to make YOUR PLR stand out in the crowd.

 What to look for when checking out the competition and how to size them up!

 Steps you'll take to get from idea to finished PLR, also as a cheatsheet.

 The easiest way to structure your articles, plus fun alternatives.

 Tips on how to grow your list and the amazing results when emailing. 

 Successful ways to market your products, including some little-known ideas!


How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

There, I said it. 
No inflated value claims. 
No scarcity tactics.
Just a good solid plan for online success.  

And Bonuses For You!

These are specially designed to make your life easier as a PLR writer:

Bonus #1 - A Step by Step Checklist to help you get from start to finish when creating a PLR article pack. You won't forget a thing!

Bonus #2 - A Topic Ideas Checklist. It's a sheet that reminds you where to search and a place to record your results.

Bonus #3 - A Sample WSO Template to give you a little guidance on what to put in your WSO and in what order.

Bonus #4 - A Sample Squeeze Page for your opt-in freebie as discussed in the ebook!


    YOU + these shortcuts, insights, and marketing tips 
    = a business model that works!

    Here's to happy days with your PLR store,
     P.S: If you're not happy where you're at with Internet marketing, here's something that can work. There's no risk in buying now - if you decide it's not for you in the next 60 days, your money will be refunded immediately.

     P.P.S: I strongly believe in the PLR Writing business model and I'm looking forward to having you on board! It's worked for me and I'm no Internet Marketing Rocket Scientist!

    Buy now and get started immediately!

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