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I know how important it is to have well-written, fresh content for your websites, blogs, and email autoresponder series. As an internet marketer with several niche sites myself, I know what itís like to want some quality new content - and quickly!


Are you tired of the membership PLR sites that offer you lots of content for a monthly fee? Maybe youíve had these problems:

  The membership site doesnít have enough content that fits your niche.

  Its clear that whoever wrote the PLR doesnít have a good grasp of the English language. Itís not well-written at all!

  The content was written by someone who didnít research the topic and obviously doesnít know what theyíre talking about.


AllstarPLR is Different!


I donít believe you have to join a membership site where you never know what youíre going to get each month. I believe you should get only what you want. At AllstarPLR you only pay for the top quality PLR articles you need. 


Plus, there is a limit to how many PLR article bundles can be purchased so you wonít see these articles by the hundreds all over the web. You also wonít see them on any other PLR site as they are 100% original. 


This is all you have to do:

   1. Scroll down to find the bundles of PLR articles you want.
   2. Click on the bundle titles to find out the word counts and to order.
   3. Purchase the bundles at rock-bottom prices!
   4. Change the articles just enough to make them yours and add your keywords. Use them any way you want, except to resell or give them away to others as PLR articles from your own PLR site.


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Here are your PLR article bundles...

Downloads are limited to 150 each, unless otherwise specified. Click on
Buy Now buttons to see the titles, word counts and to order.

        Internet Marketing or Business-Related PLR

Blogging PLR #4  $8.75 DLG    
7 article pack
Internet Marketing Points To Ponder [blog posts to get discussions going] - $7.75 DLG
8 blog posts
Content PLR (Internet Marketing) - $18.75 DLG
15 article pack  - 50 licenses

Press Releases - $6.25 DLG
5 article pack  - 50 licenses

Crafting For Profit - $6.25 DLG
5 article pack  - 50 licenses

Photography -  $10.00  Buy Now
8 article pack - 50 licenses

        Self Help and Self Care

Sold out. Please check back.

        Weight Loss, Fitness or Exercise PLR
Walking For Fitness PLR - $6.25 Walking PLR
5 article pack  - 50 licenses

Golf PLR - $8.75 DLG 
7 article pack  - 50 licenses

Men's Health - $6.25 DLG 
5 article pack  - 50 licenses

        Pet PLR

Dog Products - $6.25 DLG
5 article pack  - 50 licenses

        Vacation and Travel PLR
Vacation PLR - $12.50 DLG
10 article pack  - 50 licenses

Big Summer Pack - $25.00 DLG
5 camping articles, 10 summer articles, 5 water fun articles  - 50 licenses

        Gardening PLR

Your Gardening - $12.50 DLG
10 article pack - 50 licenses

        Home, Family and Kids PLR

Homeschooling PLR - $6.25
5 article pack 

        Green PLR

Going Green PLR
- $6.25
5 article pack  - 50 licenses

Green Energy PLR - $6.25 DLG  
5 article pack - 50 licenses


More PLR...

Check out my sister site with complete PLR packages and all the supporting goodies. These products are written by me so theyíre the same great quality. :)

Easy Article Starters...

If you'd prefer to do more of the writing yourself but you get stuck coming up with ideas to write about, check out my  Easy Article Starters. Yep, they're just what they sound like and they're getting rave reviews! 


Fresh FB Content - each pack is 50 Facebook posts. They're strictly limited to 10 licenses each so some of them sell out fast. Check it out!



More bundles on aging, self-help, decorating, real estate, article writing, Internet marketing, more kids activities, and other topic suggestions from readers. So if you donít see what you want, send me your topics for consideration and sign up to be the first to know when new article bundles are available!


 If your niche is Baby Boomer or Baby,
youíre in luck! Iíve got lots of Baby Boomer PLR and Baby PLR.

Here are two great resources I wrote that might help you
fast-forward your success with PLR:

How To Rewrite PLR
Power Your Online Business With PLR

Who am I?

Peggy Baron, article writer, at your service. I am an Ezine Articles Platinum
(view my work here), I majored in English in college, and I am
occasionally a
behind-the-scenes proofreader to some top-notch internet
marketers and published authors. 
I also love to write. ;-)

Here is a small snippet from one of the PLR articles so you can see how I write:

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Wishing you all the best,

Peggy Baron

P.S. This is not rehashed PLR from who-knows-where, itís all top quality PLR written by me. Grab some now and run with it. Donít forget to sign up above to find out how to use the PLR with my free PDF, Profit With PLR.


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